Collected Poetry of Thomas A. Ekkens—Early Works

Collected Poetry of Thomas A. Ekkens—Early Works© 1986 Thomas A. Ekkens
ISBN 0-9616675-0-8
Library of Congress 86-70951

This one-of-a-kind art, music, and poetry book, signed by the author, includes:

46 original poems
Hairline Cupp (custom-designed typeface)
“Ekkens, Study No. 1” (frontispiece) by Mark S. Johnson
“‘White Boy’ Blues,” line portrait of the artist
“Self-portrait of an Artist in His Twenties” stipple drawing by the author
Additional artwork by Chappell Rose Holt
“Rising of the Moon,” original song (read the original poem and listen to the song)

Ekkens’s friend, Mark S. Johnson, came to his house one day with a couple of cassette tapes he had found. These tapes, containing all of the poems in this book, were recorded in the 1960s, right after Ekkens received his draft notice to go to Viet Nam. Mark encouraged Ekkens to record them—just in case.

Cover design, interior page design, and composition by Backspace Ink. 96 pages. Gold foil stamp on outside front cover and spine.

$12 (hardcover)

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