Want to learn how to self-publish your book?

We are proud to offer custom training by appointment, using free Zoom conferencing software. All you need is a webcam (either in your monitor or as a separate add-on device).

One-on-one or group training sessions are designed around your needs, covering any topic that interests you. If we work together on the production of your book, this training is a great way to keep your costs down.

Group training sessions with four or more attendees are eligible to receive discounted rates.


Here are some of the things you can learn:

• Format your Microsoft Word file, so it will be cleaner upon submission to us and less costly for you during the formatting process.

• Use Microsoft Word’s Track Changes editing tool, so you can see the history of the changes as we go through the copyediting process.

• Assign Microsoft Word's paragraphs styles to your manuscript, which will provide valuable information for the interior design and keep your costs down.

Submit graphics in the required format, so they are compatible with the specifications of the selected printing vendor.

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