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Preparing your manuscript for the interior design

Throughout the written analysis and developmental editing stages of your book project, we will retain the formatting that you used in your manuscript file.

When we begin copyediting, we will also format your manuscript to prepare it for the interior design.

Combining copyediting and formatting services helps us understand and interpret the logic of your book (e.g., heading levels, bulleted and numbered lists, and other design elements) as we read it.


Our formatting service includes any or all of the following tasks:

• Identifying and tagging all text with paragraph styles for design consistency

• Deleting extra line spaces between paragraphs

• Deleting beginning-of-paragraph spaces and tabs

Once your manuscript has been tagged with paragraph styles, the interior design will be consistent, and changes can be easily made.

If you plan to submit your manuscript to a traditional publisher, we can also format it according to their specifications.

Would you like to keep your costs down?

We are happy to train you to format your manuscript before we start working on it.