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Rachel PagonesAcupuncture As Revolution: Suffering, Liberation, and Love

Joanne impressed me from the beginning with her meticulous attention to detail. She also worked amazingly fast, not because she rushed things (in fact, she kept emphasizing that she would not rush things) but because she was so focused and efficient. I’m really happy with the timeline for her work on my book—it was about the only time in the whole two-year publication process that things didn’t seem to drag on. The best thing, though, was that working with Joanne felt like a true partnership. She was every bit as much an editorial geek as I am, and I not only appreciated her infinite attention to detail, I enjoyed it. I did not ever worry that something might have been overlooked. Moreover, Joanne cheerfully tolerated my “please change just one last thing” every last time. I believe she really cared about every little detail as much as I did. Having decided to leave a traditional publisher, I found it just invaluable to have someone else as invested in my book as I was for the final push.

James CallnerIt’s a Matter of Trust: How I Got Better from OCD with Compassion, Help, and Hope and Positive Posts for OCD & Anxiety: Help and Hope for Those Who Need It Now

I can’t recommend Joanne enough to anyone who wants a professional, compassionate, patient, sensitive editor and designer. She also formatted my two books beautifully and showed her incredible patience with my perfectionism for the book covers. I really didn’t know what I wanted, and Joanne stood by me with all 81 cover designs. I mean, that’s loyalty! She also has the gift to truly hear your voice in words you write and make them even better. My memoir and self-help books are intended to help all those who suffer from mental illness and, because of Joanne’s help and guidance, this will come true. She is extremely personable and has a contagious laugh that will put you right at ease. It did for me. I looked forward to our remote sessions, I now have my first and second book published, and I will continue to use her services for the third book and beyond. Thank you, Joanne, for your talent and kindness. Because of you, I can confidently call myself an author.

Michael K. HirshorneTaking a Chance on Life: Because a Miracle May Be Just Around the Corner

Joanne Shwed was paramount in taking my 12-year journey from a dream to a published reality. I cannot say enough about her dedication to this project. Joanne is a competent, polished professional who comes prepared to do what it takes to get the job done. I would highly recommend her for ALL of your publishing needs.