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  • Megan Bogan, Mudwogs: Quest for the Crown of Malora

    Joanne was my editor for Mudwogs: Quest for the Crown of Malora. In 2023, I desperately needed help in finishing and polishing my book. I was introduced to Joanne by a mutual friend and author. Her approach to editing the book was simple, direct, and helpful. Finding Joanne was the best thing that happened for Mudwogs. Joanne has a strong work ethic and is willing to put in the time to make the book work. She pushed me when I needed pushing, and she questioned me and made me think when the plot didn't work, but she made sure the work was all mine. I was lucky to have her as my editor, and I appreciated all of her hard work, especially guiding me in certain areas of the book. When I was too long-winded, she showed me how to edit my work down to a more precise story. I liked her method of editing and ever so gently pushed me in the right direction. I am ever grateful for her help and guidance.

  • Miriam Reiter, The California Connection

    It has been a pleasure to work with Joanne. She pays careful attention to detail; she caught multiple things I didn't. She works over and above what is called for. She was willing to actualize unique requests I made; Joanne was accommodating in multiple ways throughout the project. Her turn-around time is astonishingly speedy. She is punctilious in providing information on project costs and with financial matters. She is gracious. The crowning culmination: She created a completely polished final product.

  • Lorin R. Smith IVDreadful Tales of the Living and the Dead and Dark Things that Between Them Tread

    Joanne and Tom: I'm quite lucky to have both of you in my life. You are very special to me. Joanne, I can never forget the gift you gave to me. It's more than just a published book, but a fulfillment of something I didn't even know I needed. I love you both so much!

  • Rachel Pagones, Acupuncture As Revolution: Suffering, Liberation, and Love

    Joanne impressed me from the beginning with her meticulous attention to detail. She also worked amazingly fast, not because she rushed things (in fact, she kept emphasizing that she would not rush things) but because she was so focused and efficient. I’m really happy with the timeline for her work on my book—it was about the only time in the whole two-year publication process that things didn’t seem to drag on. The best thing, though, was that working with Joanne felt like a true partnership. She was every bit as much an editorial geek as I am, and I not only appreciated her infinite attention to detail, I enjoyed it. I did not ever worry that something might have been overlooked. Moreover, Joanne cheerfully tolerated my “please change just one last thing” every last time. I believe she really cared about every little detail as much as I did. Having decided to leave a traditional publisher, I found it just invaluable to have someone else as invested in my book as I was for the final push.

  • Michael K. Hirshorne, Taking a Chance on Life: Because a Miracle May Be Just Around the Corner

    Joanne Shwed was paramount in taking my 12-year journey from a dream to a published reality. I cannot say enough about her dedication to this project. Joanne is a competent, polished professional who comes prepared to do what it takes to get the job done. I would highly recommend her for ALL of your publishing needs.

  • April Joy Manger (multiple books)

    When I was introduced to Joanne Shwed in 2019, I knew my angels had something to do with it. Joanne completed the copyediting and design for my five books. She is an angel to work with. We connected right from the start, and I feel extremely blessed and grateful to have been guided to her by a mutual friend. Joanne has made the journey of self-publishing books easy! She takes away all the anxiety that you might be feeling. It was helpful that Joanne was already familiar with poetry because her husband Thomas A. Ekkens just happens to be an amazing artist, musician, poet, and photographer. I love them both. In the journey of creating a book with an expert and experienced copyeditor and designer such as Joanne Shwed, you’ll want to make sure that you keep writing to give her your next book project, which is exactly what I’m doing. I look forward to working with her on my next project. My dream of publishing a collection of poetry books and a children’s book has come true. Tell Joanne your dreams, and she will deliver amazing results!

  • Glenda Benevides, Courage: Find Your Fire and Ignite Action in Your Life

    Joanne was a godsend! Her work and professionalism were extraordinary. She was very clear, methodical, and patient. This was my first book, and she made it seem effortless on so many levels. Not having worked with an editor before, I didn’t understand all the necessary ins and outs of what to think about and what to do, but she helped me through them. Thank you, Joanne! It was an incredible journey, and she was the right person to do it with. I am thankful for her sincerity, kindness, compassion, creative mind, and guidance.

  • Dr. Tamiko Smith, MBA, Random Olives for a Fruitful Life: Life is a Treasure Hunt

    I would like to say that my journey in writing my book wouldn't have been complete without the expertise of Joanne from manuscript to full publication. The years invested in working with her made the experience joyful and triumphant. Thank you for hanging in there along my fruitful journey.

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