Graphics assistance

Preparing your graphics

Do you want us to prepare the graphics for you?

Here are some of the ways in which we can help you with the graphics in your book:

• Scan your original artwork

• Convert or resize the artwork to fit your book

• Spiff up your photos or other graphic images

• Prepare your graphics to match the selected printing vendor’s specifications

Do you want to prepare the graphics yourself?

If you have digital art to submit for your project and want to prepare the graphics yourself, we can train you.


Do you need an illustrator?

We can refer you to an illustrator whom you will pay and with whom you will work directly; however, if you would like us to handle these interactions on your behalf, we will charge an hourly consulting fee for working with them, but we will not mark up their fees.

All expenses will be paid by you directly to the illustrator.

Once selected, we will provide the illustrator with the exact specifications for your book. This close collaboration will result in a perfect match of your text and their graphics.

Would you like a business card or a bookmark for your book?

We can design a business card or a bookmark that resembles the cover of your book and includes contact and ordering information or other text or graphics.

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