A note to authors

•  You are the owner/publisher of your self-published book.

•  You retain control throughout the production process and of the finished product.

•  You own all electronic files we prepare for you and may request them at any time.

•  You pay us no compensation from the sale of books we help produce for you.

•  Any and all royalties from the printing vendor will be sent directly to you.

•  Other vendors' costs will be paid by you directly to them with no added markup.

Mandatory and optional services

International Standard Book Number (ISBN) (mandatory): An ISBN is required for every book and for every version of that book (e.g., softcover, hardcover, and e-book). We will help you obtain all the necessary ISBN(s).


Copyright (optional): Your book is copyrighted when you put the © symbol on the interior copyright page; however, if you wish to officially register your book with the U.S. Copyright office, we will guide you through the process.

Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN) (optional): If you wish to obtain an LCCN, we will help you set up an account and submit the application to the Library of Congress. 

Book formats

In addition to the standard softcover and hardcover book formats, here are other formats to consider:

E-books: We will send your final files to our recommended e-book conversion vendor (or to a vendor of your choice). This vendor will convert your files to both e-book formats (MOBI and EPUB) and set up worldwide distribution channels and royalty payments.

Adobe Acrobat (PDF): An electronic file (for free or for sale) may include hyperlinks, an interactive Table of Contents, searchable text, password restrictions, a color interior, and easily updatable text. For an example of a PDF book, you can download a complimentary copy of Books from the Heart: Our Self-Publishing Journey, written and produced by Joanne Shwed.