Once your manuscript has been organized (using our written analysis and developmental editing services), copyediting will begin.

Every author’s writing is different

We can never tell up front if your manuscript will need more than one round of copyediting until after we have read it; however, please know that it is always our intention to bring a book to completion as quickly as possible.

First round of copyediting

The first round of copyediting includes any or all of the following tasks:

We will read the manuscript once.

We will copyedit the manuscript using Microsoft Word’s Track Changes editing tool. If you don’t have Microsoft Word or would prefer the changes related in a different way, please let us know.

Headings/text will be analyzed for consistency and logic.

Spelling, punctuation, and grammar of generic words and proper names and terms will be corrected.

We will correct spelling, punctuation, and accent marks in foreign words and terms.

Spelling, punctuation, grammar, and numbering of illustration/table text and titles will be conformed and corrected.

We will recommend the inclusion or deletion of character emphasis (i.e., the addition or removal of bold, italic, and/or bold italic).

• Live status of Internet addresses (URLs) will be validated.

• Acronyms will be organized and checked for consistency and usage. Creation of a list of acronyms is also available.


Single-digit numbers will not be spelled out; double-digit and higher numbers will be spelled out (excluding dates, statistical numbers, etc.). If you have another preference, please let us know.

The need for and placement of footnotes and/or endnotes to substantiate data and claims will be indicated.

A series comma (i.e., “text, text, and text”) will be used unless otherwise instructed.

Structure and style of the bibliography will be analyzed, conformed, and corrected according to The Chicago Manual of Style.

Formatting of bulleted/numbered lists will be conformed and corrected.

The need for written permission for quoted material will be indicated.

Spelling and use of trademark symbols will be verified.

We will produce and deliver a first copyedited proof.

Tasks not included in the copyediting process

Formatting the manuscript in preparation for the interior design (see formatting).

Fixing organizational and/or structural issues (see developmental editing)

Content editing (e.g., checking facts and quoted text, locating correct URLs if existing URLs are invalid, and providing and verifying bibliographic or footnote/endnote data for cited material)

Additional rounds of copyediting

You will decide whether you want us to reread the manuscript or just resolve the queries and comments from the previous round of copyediting.

We will submit an estimate for additional rounds of copyediting, if required. This process will continue until you have approved the copyediting of your book.