Developmental editing

Ready to fix the structure and organization of your book?

After the written analysis has been completed, and you have asked us to make any or all of the suggested changes for you, we will move to the developmental editing phase.

First developmental editing round

This service will include the following tasks:

You will let us know which of the suggested changes from the written analysis you want us to make.

You will let us know which of your own developmental changes you want us to make.


• We will incorporate the approved changes into the manuscript and restructure/reorganize as necessary.

• We will produce and deliver a developmentally edited proof.

Please note that this phase of production does not include copyediting (e.g., spelling, punctuation, and grammar). We recommend copyediting after all developmental issues have been resolved.

Additional developmental editing rounds

After you read the results of the developmental edit and respond to all queries/comments in the accompanying memo, we will submit an estimate for additional developmental editing, if required. This process will continue until you have approved the developmental changes.