Before you publish, proofread your book

Before your book goes to the printer, we highly recommend a final quality check.

This proofreading service assumes that your manuscript has already been copyedited.

There are two proofreading options:

Option #1: Scan the final pages

We will verify that all data are included.

Consistent formatting of headings and text will be checked.

Placement of figures and tables in relation to text will be analyzed.


• Page numbers in the Table of Contents, indexes, and cross-references will be spot-checked.

• We will examine the overall appearance of the pages.

Option #2: Reread the manuscript

• We will reread the manuscript and the cover text.

• This option encompasses all of the tasks in Option #1: Scan the final pages and checks for egregious errors (e.g., typographical errors, wrong words, bad line breaks, and design inconsistencies).

Additional rounds of proofreading

We will submit an estimate for additional rounds of proofreading, if required. This process will continue until you are ready to move forward.