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  • MJ Marggraff, Finding the Wow: How Dreams Take Flight at Midlife (www.AuthorOneStop.com project)

    Joanne’s work is exceptional! She provides a professional job at all stages of my writing project: editing, proofing, changes (and more changes) and taking on whatever I need to make my manuscript be at its best. I welcome her expert insights and suggestions, and best of all know that Joanne always provides her assistance with a positive attitude. Working with her has been a great experience, and I will call on Joanne for future writing projects I plan to do. I am so pleased to have worked with her!

  • Duncan Fife, Giving the Gift of Giggles

    We made our deadline, and your contributions to the style and appearance of this, my second book, were amazing. As was your patience as a teacher. Thank you! You're definitely on for my third. And fourth. And the rest coming up.

  • Mark AspelinProfitable Conservation: Business Strategies That Boost Your Bottom Line, Protect Wildlife, and Conserve Biodiversity and How to Fail at Life

    Joanne provided outstanding design and editing assistance for two of my books, resulting in a final product that was infinitely more polished and professional. I look forward to working with Joanne on all of my future writing projects. Thanks again, Joanne!

  • Erika Haraguchi, Lee & Haraguchi, a professional law corporation

    Just walked in the door a few minutes ago and finally had a chance to read the edits. You are truly amazing. The tone is still the same, but everything just flows better. Joanne, you absolutely cannot die. I need you to help me edit anything important for the rest of my life.  

  • John Felitto, The 90-Day Game and The 90-Day Game Playbook

    What are you looking for? Support in development, shaping your work, expressing yourself with clarity? Someone who is attentive to detail, organized, efficient and timely? One who brings creative design capabilities? Is it important for you to know where you are on your budget throughout the project? Amazingly, Joanne Shwed is one consummate professional who delivers it all. 

  • Howard Bott, Saleh’s Children: Three Generations of Plantation Masters and Their Slave Women

    Thanks, Joanne, for all of the work you put in on this book. We both so much appreciated your amazing help.

  • Tory Hartmann, Sand Hill Review Press (multiple projects)

    Joanne does what she says and says what she does, comes in on time (a real bonus!) and on budget (sometimes a minor miracle!). I’m so glad Sand Hill Review Press found her.

  • Bonita Lehmann, Saving Her. Saving Me.

    Joanne designed the cover and interior and edited my memoir, Saving Her. Saving Me. She worked with swift, thorough efficiency in both areas. She also gave me guidance and support throughout the process in areas I was unfamiliar with. She has a vast wealth of knowledge and experience in the publishing arena. We worked well together and, even though she was miles away, I felt close working with her as a team, creating and editing to make my memoir exactly as I had envisioned. It was a great pleasure working with her. I would recommend Joanne without hesitation.

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