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  • Rita Issa, How to Be Happy: As Told By the Million Stars

    Joanne, thank you for helping me bring my book to life! Thank you for your professionalism—knowledge, experience, and integrity. Thank you for your patience and “intelligent” way of listening and understanding, as well as your support, assurance, and guidance, which allowed me to quickly trust you and enjoy the feeling of “my baby is in good hands.” Thank you for promptly and efficiently responding to my emails and delivering the work. Doing so met my expectations every time, and satisfied my anticipation of being a step closer to the final version. Thank you for polishing my book while carefully preserving my ideas and style of writing, and while respecting my signature inside every word. Thank you for your meticulous work and for making my story flow the way it does, allowing me to share my messages easily, and offering my readers a delightful experience. Thank you for the caring, passion, and love you put into your work, turning my book into this masterpiece of which I am so proud today! Thank you for helping make my writing experience a pleasant one, and teaching me so much, even though I still haven’t figured out the rules of using “that” or “which.” :) Joanne, thank you for being such a sharp editor and talented designer. With all my love, Rita

  • Lance Sherwood, Grandpa Tales

    Thank you so much for your help in getting my new book completed. I was very happy with your knowledge of the process and your great advice. If I were still trying to do this on my own, there would be no Grandpa Tales on Amazon and Createspace. Again, you made this a very pleasant and comfortable experience for me and I thank you for it. My next book will be done with you from the beginning and I will save years of procrastination. Thank you Joanne for helping me be an author.

  • Dr. April J. Modesti, D.C., Serenity Press, Mandala Salad

    Joanne worked with us in the creation of my book, Mandala Salad. She worked in the capacity of copywriting and did a great job for us!

  • Max Dunn, Silicon Publishing

    I have worked with typesetters for over 20 years and have worked with the world’s best, as we have completed projects for Google, Amazon, Adobe, Disney, Hallmark, American Greetings, and more where Typesetting and Typography are important and perceived as such by the client. When we need a definitive expert at typesetting, we turn to Joanne Shwed. She sees things in type that mere mortals would never notice, instantly. She can take any form of document and make it beautiful and typographically correct in minutes. I know she typeset the Pentium II manual for Intel and the Intel annual reports. For us, she worked on over 20 projects the past 12 years and without exception her work was excellent and surprisingly inexpensive, as she is so quick. She is master of FrameMaker and InDesign, yet isn’t above working in Word. Beyond her typesetting skills, she just so happens to have had an early background in paralegal work, and her copy editing skills are also quite amazing. A very talented person, I would highly recommend her, although please remind her that her work for Silicon Publishing should always come first!

  • Tala Stephens, personal trainer at Fitness for Every Body

    Joanne is wonderful to work with. She is understanding and patient with my lack of time to commit to projects. She keeps me focused and moving forward at a speed that works for both of us. I highly recommend her!

  • Gregor Collins, actor/writer and author of The Accidental Caregiver: How I Met, Loved, and Lost Legendary Holocaust Refugee Maria Altmann

    I was referred to Joanne from a friend who had sworn by her editing skills. I was extremely happy with her work. Since she was the first person to work on my manuscript—a truly frightening experience as an author—she not only gave me the confidence I needed moving forward by letting me know what was working, she had some truly innovative ideas and insights about things like how to make my chapter headings more interesting, and how to spice up certain areas like the glossary section at the end. She has a real eye for a story, and parts of my early drafts I was convinced were working, she simply rearranged them around and now, as an author with a finished book, I have her to thank for better fluidity in key areas. Bottom line, I would use her again and again. She was worth every penny. And that she’s a really, REALLY kind and giving person and easy to work with, is just icing on the cake. Talent alone means nothing. It’s how you treat people. I was fortunate to work with Joanne and see that, beyond her talent and skill as an editor, she genuinely cares about her clients, and goes that extra mile to give them that personal touch. That, to me, is worth much more than money.

  • Courtney Conlon, CEO, Pacifica Chamber of Commerce

    Living in the same community of Pacifica for over three decades, I have known and admired Joanne through our mutual involvement in a few community-wide events. However, I never had the need for her professional services until recently and wow, was I impressed! Joanne’s attention to detail coupled with her commitment for perfection and precise editing skills is extraordinary. Knowing I was on a tight deadline, Joanne worked steadfastly to get my lengthy document edited and completed within the allotted timeframe. Joanne is a delight to work with and is worth her weight in gold! She is definitely a credit to the world of professional editors and publishers! Thank you Joanne.

  • Amy Caetta and Karen Lomheim, Geenie and the Weenie Race

    When we decided to write a children’s book, we knew very little about the publishing business and we were completely inexperienced as children’s authors. We had a quirky story to tell based on actual events involving Amy and her adopted rescue Dachshund Presley. We are so blessed to have been referred to Joanne. She helped us create exactly what we envisioned in a children’s picture book. She is professional and knowledgeable. We highly recommend her!  

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