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  • Vanessa Bright, Dollars and Sense for Parents and Children and Create Your Life Plan Now: Your Blueprint to Reentry

    (First book): Joanne Shwed of Backspace Ink was a pleasure to work with. I am a new author and she provided her expertise for which I am very grateful. She met deadlines and encouraged my input. I am very satisfied with the finished product. (Second book): It was a pleasure working with you again. Thanks for keeping in touch because you knew I had another book in me. Thanks for your professionalism and expertise, and for making my workbook look great while providing great information.

  • Mary Stolfa, From Cocktail to Chemo (www.AuthorOneStop.com project)

    I am delighted to say that during a time that could have been extremely stressful, Joanne was an absolute pleasure to work with. I had a wonderful experience because she made the entire editing process comfortable and easy. Joanne completely surpassed my expectations. Her approach was exactly what I needed and she made the work of editing my manuscript almost effortless. Joanne’s knowledge and talent made my book the absolute best that it could be. Not only is she an exemplary editor, but she is also a sweetheart. Her energy made working with her a joy. She is a professional with character and integrity that I would highly recommend to anyone looking for an editor.

    Joanne has also designed the interior and exterior of my book. I saw my words on paper actually come to life as she designed and put together the finished product. This was my first project, and she made something that could have been extremely overwhelming and intimidating extremely fun and exciting! She is a true gem and I would recommend Joanne and Backspace Ink to anyone looking for editing and book design.

  • Miral Sattar, Lost in the Water: Flood Stories from Pakistan

    Joanne designed a really great cover for me. I didn’t really have much of an idea when starting out. Joanne was patient and worked with me to flesh out my idea and made sure I got the cover that I wanted. With her guidance I got a really great design for a cover that I’m happy with.

  • Taryn Voget, Cofounder of the Everyday Genius Institute, How to Raise a Happy Child (and be happy too)

    Joanne is so much more than an editor—she is a genius at making a great, readable book. I thought the manuscript draft we gave her was great; however, through her thoughtful suggestions, wicked sharp insights, methodical and brilliant editing, air-tight proofreading, and completely gorgeous book layout, she took our manuscript and made it a book worthy of The New York Times bestseller list. Little does she know she is going to help me with my next book too!

  • Ray Arata, Wake Up, Man Up, Step Up

    As I am not one for attending to details, my copyeditor, Joanne Shwed, deserves a big thank you for dragging me through the muck with a great attitude, listening to my rants and raves, and doing the real dirty work of making the book flow and tie together. It was such a relief to experience the ease and grace Joanne provided in choosing the best layout for my book. Writing a book followed by editing a book is hard work; when it comes to the layout and cover design, it all becomes real ... and fun!

    Michael Roney, President, Highpoint Executive Publishing

    I was fortunate to have worked with Joanne Shwed on Ray Arata’s book, Wake Up, Man Up, Step Up. As a graphic designer and editor she is a consummate professional—talented, speedy and 100 percent reliable, with excellent communications skills. I look forward to our next project together.

  • Karren Garrity, The Tool Box: Tricks of the Trade for Raising Teenagers

    I just received the hard copy author’s proof of my book. After working for months with Joanne it is joyous to hold it in my hands. Joanne was helpful and supportive. She guided me through this process with confidence and expertise. She created form from my work. I am grateful.

  • Helen Fama, While I Still Have All My Marbles

    I need to thank you again for the incredible help you gave in getting my memoir, While I Still Have All My Marbles, ready for publication. In addition to your extensive expertise, I am grateful for your encouragement and inspiration—so impressive to this first-time book writer. The book is very attractive with your well-balanced cover design.

  • Sujata Ramnarayan, Ph.D., Marketing in a World of Digital Sharing

    Having never worked with an editor on a major project before, I was a little nervous about working with Joanne. But she made the whole process easy, organized, and was timely, providing valuable input along the way. I highly recommend her.

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