Steps for making a book

From manuscript to book

Here is a general outline of the steps involved to create your book:

We can help organize your thoughts, pinpoint your focus, and break down the various sections of your manuscript with a brainstorming session.

 Since we will be unfamiliar with your manuscript at this point, we will rely on your determination of whether your book needs a written analysis (to determine its structural and organizational integrity).

 Once you have reviewed our feedback from the written analysis, you will let us know which of our suggested changes (and perhaps some of your own) you want us to make (developmental editing).

 After the structural and organizational changes have been made through the written analysis and developmental editing, copyediting will be done.

 When your manuscript is ready for interior design, our formatting service will prepare it for the page-layout program. Copyediting and formatting are typically done together because of the understanding of the design components during copyediting.

 Before we set up the interior pages, we need to make sure that our files will be compatible with the printing vendor.

 We will create interior design samples. It is always helpful if you have design ideas; if not, we can design your book for you. Once you've approved the samples, we will lay out the interior of your book. Please view our portfolio for samples of our work.


 With our graphics assistance service, we will analyze your graphics and discuss special concerns, such as scanning needs and the quality of art or missing files.

 You will let us know if you want a simple index (e.g., a Table of Contents) and/or subject index (for nonfiction books).

 We will create the cover design. It is always helpful if you have design ideas; if not, we can design your book for you. Please view our portfolio for samples of our work.

 You will decide whether you want us to reread or scan all the pages (proofreading) as a final quality check.

 If you have no more changes to the interior and cover, you may send us your final approval via e-mail. We will upload your final files to the selected printing vendor and help you set up a printing vendor account.

 Various optional publishing services may interest you (e.g., obtaining an official copyright and a Library of Congress Catalog Control Number). You may want an e-book or an Adobe PDF version of your document.

• Once these steps have been completed to your satisfaction, your book will be available online.

We encourage you to participate in the process and can provide training, if you decide to do any of the work yourself.

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